Custom Catering

Tai Chi Chef, Peng You, will create a menu full of tasty, authentic Asian food that will leave your guests fully satisfied.

Wellness Seminars

Tai Chi / Qigong is gentle and beneficial excercise that people of any age or ability can do, seated or standing. Master Peng You, with his wonderful sense of humour, will lead participants through a series of forms. Demos such as Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Hockey Stick and/or other Tai Chi forms may also be performed for guests to watch and enjoy!

Let's Talk!

Interested in getting more information about how we can make your next event one that your guests will fondly remember? Whether is is catering that you want, a Tai Chi / Qi Gong seminar, or a unique combination of both catering and gentle exercise, please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your event in detail. We can also be contacted by phone at (807) 628-4305.